Face your fears if you want to be happy

I think one of the biggest challenges we have as humans is to have the courage to say what we feel, what we think, what we want. The hardest one is to say what we feel. Why? The answer is very simple: we are afraid to be hurt, to be rejected, to be abandoned. Moreover, sometimes we do not even allow ourselves to accept what we feel. Because if we accept what we feel, there is a chance that we could lose that person and therefore suffer. So we prefer to suffer a little by denying our feelings rather than risk our heart being crushed later. The saddest part is that by doing this we can miss some of the most beautiful moments we have the chance to live. Why? Because we are afraid.

If we knew for sure that it would turn out alright in the end, we would do what we feel, we would say what we feel. But life does not work like this! The only sure thing in life is change, the fact that nothing is certain. We are sometimes afraid that we might be wrong, but we do not realize that it’s normal to be wrong! We are humans and we are learning from our mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes might hurt other people. So it is important to have the courage and the vulnerability to apologize sincerely. Putting ourselves in the other’s “shoes” to understand how it was for him / her, what they felt. And perhaps most importantly, to leave pride aside so that we can apologize sincerely. There are two aspects which can give us all the prerequisites of a happy life if we manage to master them: the courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable when need to (to say what we feel) and the ability to control our ego.

I do not think you can live a fulfilled life if you live in fear. And then I ask the question: is it worth to experience something extraordinary and beautiful even if it’s possible at some point not to be able to experience it anymore (and maybe you will never get to experience it again), or are you better not knowing what you’ve lost? My answer is without a doubt: yes! I want to live the most beautiful things that life is offering me, even if I don’t know how long it will last and what tomorrow will bring. Even if it is possible to lose what I hold dearest! Because at least I had that experience and that feeling! Because I lived my life, I did not let it pass by me. Because I know that life will bring me another awesome experience the same way it brought me this one. Perhaps not the same, but also special! So I decided to fight my fears and enjoy every beautiful experience Life is bringing my way! To say what I feel, what I want, what I think, even if I risk being rejected or hurt. To do everything in my power for what I want and give up only when I did everything I could or feel that it is no longer a fit for me. I am willing to risk being hurt in order to be happy! Because I have learned that every experience is either a blessing, either a blessing in disguise, because from every unpleasant experience we learn and become better.

So I live my life in the moment, without thinking about what’s going to happen, I just enjoy every moment and wait to see where things are going. Since I started doing this, I am happy, joyful and full of energy every day. I am extremely grateful that I managed to get here because it is not something that happened overnight but a process that lasted more than 6 months, during which I worked with myself every day to get to that point. And every minute of this process was worth it, because each moment was a moment of self-love. And yes, now I can say that I have learned to accept and love myself as I am, but I still do my best to be better every day. And, perhaps most importantly, I am really #enjoyinglife and #livinginthemoment!

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