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The year that changed my life

The day I left Bucharest to go to London for what I thought would be one or two months of time for myself and time to enjoy & experience a city I love, I heard a song that I couldn’t get out of my head the whole day. So I listened to it on repeat for more than 3 hours on my flight.

It said:
Darlin’, pack a suitcase
Let’s get away and start over
Smoke a J by the waves while we sip on some ice cold Corona
Let’s take it back in the day to when we first knew it was over
Let’s take time to fall in love again
Let’s turn off our phones just for tonight
It’s been way to long since it’s been just you and I
We get so caught up in life
We lost that fire
Baby, I know we can light it up again

Let’s catch the first plane that leaves to the sea
I’ll go anywhere just as long as you’re there with me
And you see it won’t take no time to get back that fire
Baby, I know we can light it up again

Fall in love again
Let take time to fall in love again

Little did I know just how accurate this song was… I started my whole life over. But not with someone else. That’s what I felt from the first time I heard the song. It was time for me to fall in love with myself again.

And so I did, I packed my suitcase and left. Not to the sea but to one of my favorite cities, which is now my HOME. A home I love so much and which inspires me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Almost my whole life changed this year… And I loved every minute of it. And guess what, I did! I fell in love with myself! I lit up that fire stronger than it has ever been! Because now, the fire is coming from my heart, not from others. That was one of the most important lessons that 2019 thought me. That I don’t need anyone else in order to be happy! That happiness is an inside job and it’s only up to me. It was a year spent mostly alone, but never lonely. One of my greatest gifts ever received! To enjoy my company more than anything else. To learn how to work according to my inner needs and rhythm. To listen to and follow my heart. 2019 prepared me for a new chapter, one that I feel I will embrace with all my heart. Bring it on, 2020! I am ready!

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