Work with me to create your business

Why me?

More than 10 years ago, I started my own business. And I worked as hard as I could… because this what I was told I had to do in order to be successful. I worked evenings, nights, weekends. My partner was there for me with advice and help whenever I needed it, and together we were creating the best strategy for growth. My business was always the innovator in my field, especially when it came to the online presence. We were both extremely good at creating the best website and adapting it to the needs of the business, creating the best online marketing, social media presence and so on, because of our expertise in website development and online marketing. At some point thought, I just couldn’t go on with the business plans anymore. I thought it was because of the great toll our struggling relationship took on me, but after years of getting in touch with my inner power and after starting to connect with my true essence, I finally realized that I couldn’t go on like that because that wasn’t my way of doing business. It was his and maybe not even his, it has been the way we were thought to do business by school and society. But it wasn’t the right way for me anymore. I couldn’t accept that and I kept trying and trying, until I had to give up on a business that was almost like a child to me. At the time it seemed like the worst thing that could happen to me, but I now see what a blessing it was. I had to learn to do things in a different way, my way. 🙂

The more I got in touch with my spirituality and my essence, a new way of doing business was presented to me. A way that is aligned with who I am, with my values, with how I like to do things, with what resonates with me. And I found that the more I did things my way, the more things changed in the best way for my business: I attracted clients that were aligned with me and saw the true value of what I’m doing, who trusted me and allowed me to do things my way, and everything started to happen easily and effortlessly. Things begun to happen effortlessly, at the right moment, and I started to truly enjoy my business, while having time to enjoy my life. My business became better that I could have dreamed of. I used to be an achiever, who worked endlessly for my business and now, I am just relaxed in the knowing that things are happening for me, better that it ever did before, and that I can enjoy my life and my business at the same time.

Having all this knowledge about business, strategy, branding, online marketing, and website creation from my experience in advertising, plus 10 years of experience with my own businesses, my friends started to ask me for help in developing their own business. By doing this with them, I realized just how much knowledge I have in this areas, plus the fact that through energy work I can connect better with who they are and what kind of business is right for them. And I realized that I can help them create a business they love, which is aligned with who they are and what is right for them, and will bring amazing energy to them and their clients. I absolutely loved doing this, and when Camelia Miza asked me to do this as a part of her Integrative Transformation Program, I decided it’s time for me to offer my gifts to the world.

What am I doing?

I connect with my clients to see what is right for them. To find the heart of the business, based on their unique gifts. Then, I work with them on finding the right path for them to bring it to reality through coaching and intuitive readings, to help me have the complete picture, in order for me to be able to create the right strategy for them. Based on this strategy, I work on intuitively finding the right people to help them bring this to life: the right person to create their branding and visual identity, their website, their social media content strategy and so on. I create the strategy for the business and for all the services they need based on the right way of doing business for them. Then, based on this strategy, I find the right people to bring it to reality. I don’t just recommend some people and let them deal with them, because I know very well that they don’t know what to ask and how to make sure they are getting the right services. I am involved in every step of the process, being the liaison between the client and the supplier, asking for what is needed and making sure the supplier is providing exactly that. I am the client’s advocate for all the suppliers, making sure the services they deliver bring the highest value to the client, at the right price.

What am I helping you with?

If there’s one thing I learned in my business experience, is that creating the right strategy, branding and identity from the beginning, are vital for a exponential growth of the business. This is why I created a method of bringing a business to life in the highest and best way for the business and the business owner.


We start with a 90 minutes business coaching & strategizing session, which includes a series of questions to find out your unique innate gifts and values. Based on this initial session, I see and understand your true needs and find the right path for you to bring it to reality. Then, we choose together which steps you can take to bring your business to reality in the fastest and easiest way and we will work on clearing the blockages that stops you from creating the business you desire.

If that’s what you’re looking for, let’s schedule a quick chat to see if we’re right for each other. I will be honored to help you bring your authentic business to life in the best way possible. ♥️✨