What does Spirituality mean to me

I think this is one of the most important topics I should write about, because all the other articles are somehow related to this concept. In fact, the idea of this blog came at a time when I was more and more discovering what spirituality really means and what it means to live each day in the moment.

The most important part of spirituality is the faith in the Universe / God / Creator / Creative Energy / Energy Field / Divine Matrix / Buddha / Jesus or however you want to name it. That energy field that connects us all and exists in each of us.

Considering this central concept of spirituality, it is very important for me to emphasize that spirituality does not mean religion. Unfortunately, religion is the same with spirituality for many people, but this can not be further from the truth. People living with this impression project beliefs and prejudices about religion and church on the concept of spirituality.

The most important differences are how God is presented and how each of them are being practiced.

Spirituality is more of an individual practice that helps us achieve inner peace, to discover and live our life’s purpose, and more than that, to live each day in the now, for the present is the only real moment. By truly living in the now, by living every moment in line with the wishes of our souls, we can create the life we want to live.
On the other hand, religion is practiced in the community and is based on a specific set of beliefs and practices that must be respected.

A person can be a combination between religious and spiritual, but being religious does not automatically make you spiritual and vice versa.

Spirituality empowers us and shows us that the power is within us while the church instills fear by making us feel helpless (somebody else has the power).

Spirituality teaches us that we are the co-creators of our own lives, together with the Creative Energy: that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions create the reality we live in. I will talk more about this and about how I started to create my reality as I wanted in the following articles, but now I want to point out that for me this awareness was one of the strongest, because it gave me the sense of empowerment I needed to change my attitude and start creating the life I wanted.

I have never been a religious person and only when I discovered spirituality I really understood why. I believed in God but I could not accept the requirements, rules and the attitude of the church. And I remember how a few years ago when I was in a personal development bootcamp, when we were told that living in alignment means developing all four intelligences (mental intelligence, emotional intelligence, body intelligence and spiritual intelligence) I thought I agreed with everything, except for the last one, which is really not for me. 🙂

But life has put me in the position of having enough openness to “take a bite” and from that moment there was no way back. Spirituality taught me that my life has a much greater purpose than I imagined and more than that, it gave me a different perspective. I started to understand that everything that happens to us (good or bad) is either a blessing or a blessing in disguise. Because the moments that where the most provocative and the moments when I have been very far outside my comfort zone, were those in which I grew the most. Because when you have a higher perspective on your life and your experiences, when you understand that you have attracted those experiences in your life and you can no longer blame others for “what they did to you”, then you start seeing the lessons you have learned from each such moment and you become simply grateful.

Spirituality ultimately means responsibility. Responsibility for our lives, the experiences we live, what we bring into the world. And more than that, it means to be grateful for everything we have in our lives. Let’s acknowledge everything that we should be grateful for and enjoy all the beautiful things that life brings our way!

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