What makes your heart sing?

Today I want to talk to you about something different. I want to talk about what makes me truly happy. Not just happy, but over the moon happy, or how I like to describe it: making my heart sing. If I think about it, I would say this is the closest thing to magic I ever felt. So what is it that makes my heart sing?

First, I want to tell you something about me that may resonate with you as well. Whenever I enjoy something immensely, with all my being, I feel something that is indescribable.

I feel my heart and every cell of my body bursting with pure joy, so much that it’s actually radiating outside of me. I think this might be the best feeling I ever experienced. A good friend called it ecstatic joy. And this is my essence.

I realize now that I felt this throughout my life in different moments, but never as much as I feel it now. And that is because a lot of times people felt uncomfortable when I was in this state and I tried to tone it down many times. I allowed myself only some bursts of it, with the people closest to me and when I did allow myself to truly feel it, a lot of times I was told to chill or that it is a bit much. And so I did. Why? Because a part of me was afraid it was too much and this part reflected in others. But you know what’s funny? The exact people who told me to tone it down also tell me it’s the thing they like the most about me. My joy of life and of experiencing things. 🙂 My #enjoyinglife. I realize that I choose that as my motto so that I would allow myself to do it more. And I did…

Over the last year, I’ve felt this more than I did in my entire life. Because in the last year, I took about six months of time for myself, doing only what I felt like doing. I started exploring London and more places and experiences, to discover more of what makes my heart sing. And because I was alone, I could do it freely, without worrying about what other people felt or thought or wanted. No plans, just going with the flow and doing what I felt like doing. It’s funny how I discover, more and more, the impact of this “six months by myself” experience. Especially now, when I realize that it helped that part of myself, which was afraid that this is too much for other people, to realize just how beautiful and healing it is to experience something like this and how I can experience it without it being too much for me or for the people around me.

After I did this on my own for a while, I started to share it with my closest friends. The first time when I went all in with someone else was when a good friend of mine came to visit me in the winter, to explore London and its Christmas markets together. God, the way we enjoyed this feeling together was incredible. You can see a glimpse of it in the video at the end of this post, so that you can get a picture. 😉 What did we do? We had 5 days full of this amazing feeling. Something I could have never imagined in the past. And then, a dear friend of mine held space for me to be able to do this more and more each day. She not only allowed me to fully experience it when I’m with her, without judging or making me feel like it’s too much, but she also jumped in and enjoyed it with me. And I started doing it so much more. By myself, with her, and from time to time also with other dear friends and even clients (how cool is this?!)!

Today something changed. Today, for the first time in my life, I truly feel safe to share my essence with the world. To be who I am and to enjoy myself as much as I feel like. To let my heart sing. And in the process, to allow others to do the same, to hold space for them too. Because when we shine our light into the world, we allow others to shine theirs too.

Ever since I connected consciously with my inner being and my inner joy, I realized that joy is one of my greatest gifts in this lifetime. Experiencing and creating joy. I always loved that. And today, as part of a program I’m in, I connected with my inner being and my guides to see why I came into this world, what is my purpose. Ever since I began doing this two and a half years ago, I knew that it was about creating joy, but I never saw it like I did today. Because I wasn’t ready and I know that now. Today I was shown that it’s not necessarily about creating it, but it is about experiencing it. That all I have to do is to experience it myself. Because when I do, other people tap into my energy and can feel it. Most of them, for the first time at this level. And the more they feel it, they start to want it and then they can also find ways to experience it in their lives. You don’t know what eating an ice-cream feels like until you have first eaten an ice-cream. It’s the same here. Realizing that this is all I have to do feels magical! And thinking back at the times when I toned it down to fit in just makes me smile.

I wasn’t born to fit it, but to stand out, be in my essence and do what I love.

So what makes my heart sing?

  • Beauty – I think that at the heart of every thing that follows on this list is beauty. Creating and experiencing beauty. Being inspired by it. Being in awe of it. It’s probably the main reason I decided to move to London. Because there’s so much beauty around me here and it inspires me in ways I could never imagine.
  • Christmas – This is by far my favorite one! I loved Christmas all of my life. Because of the combination of things and feelings its spirit embodies: cheer, laughter, love, celebration, togetherness, kindness, joy, understanding, supporting each other, giving and receiving gifts which both bring so much joy, decorating the three – my favorite activity, the beauty all around, fun with friends, family and so much more. My whole life this was my biggest joy. Christmas spirit and Christmas markets. Perfection! Because of this, oh, how I wished it could be Christmas every day…
  • Travel – I always loved to discover new places, to explore the world and what it has to offer. And when I find places that I absolutely love and find very beautiful, in awe of, this is what I feel. I realize now that my favorite places are the ones that brought up the most this feeling inside. The more I write, the more it becomes clear that for me, it’s all about this feeling.
  • Music – Hearing my favorite songs, in moments when I feel they bring meaning into my life is one of my biggest joys. Music is a big part in experiencing all the other things that make my heart sing, giving them more depth and meaning. I wrote about what music means to me in another post, called What is your soundtrack?
  • Water – I am truly mesmerized by water. Maybe because I am a water sign, whenever I am near water and admire its beauty, I am in awe. I realize now, that awe and my feeling go hand in hand. When you add a beautiful sunset into the mix, that for me is perfection. The way the colors of the sky and of the sun reflect into the water and everything around it, truly makes my heart sing. Adding my favorite music to this, brings it to a whole new level. 😉
  • Sunsets – There’s nothing quite like a stunning sunset. I love the way light changes every single minute, creating a new sight to be seen and experienced.
  • Exploring beautiful cities – What brings me most joy this days is taking long walks in London and admire its beauty. Admire the architecture, the combination of historic and modern buildings. The way light falls on them and the reflections I see. It’s always about the details and how they come perfectly together. I am truly in awe and I love how every time I pass through my favorite places, I see them in a different light and I enjoy them more and more.
  • Nature – I love nature and all its beauty. Whenever I am in nature, I connect and admire its majesty. Whenever I do, it brings up this feeling inside at different intensities, based on how much in awe of it I am.
  • Flowers – Admiring my favorite flowers immediately makes me connect to this feeling. This is why I love buying flowers for myself. To admire them and as an act of self-love. While I write this, I admire the red tulips I have on my desk. 🙂
  • Food – Everyone who knows me knows I looooove good food. And amazing sweets. But for me it’s never about chocolate for example, or sugar. It’s about the experience. When I eat something I truly love, it’s an experience I enjoy with all my senses. And of course it makes my heart sing. I am one of those people who experience culinary orgasms. And I’m so happy I am! This is why I never wanted to give up sugar or pasta. Because of what I feel when I eat the finest of its kind.
  • My cats – I have two beautiful cats who played a huge part in my life. And sometimes they do things that truly make my heart melt in a way I never imagined possible.
  • Creating amazing experiences – I know now that I didn’t choose my profession by chance. Because when I get to create my kind of events, the feelings I have in certain moments throughout the day is exactly this. And everything else fades away and I fall more and more in love with what I do. Thankfully, most of the events I create right now are my kind of events, but what I started picturing in my mind and what I want to create next will change the way most people see events. And being able to create an experience where other people can feel this kind of feeling is a true blessing…

When the things that make my heart sing are combined together somehow, it creates a symphony that takes me to new heights.

For each one of them, while I imagined and described them, I wanted to write that nothing compares to this feeling. And nothing does, because it’s always the same feeling, evoked in different ways and so creating endless experiences for me to relive this ecstatic joy in more and more ways. How can it get better than this? Knowing that this is all I have to do, is one of the biggest blessings I ever received.

Being myself is enough. Expressing my essence is enough. And that means doing what makes my heart sing.

So what makes your heart sing?

This is me, being in my essence, enjoying a Christmas market in one of my favorite places in London. A combination of my favorite things to do. And in great company! Perfection… <3

P.S.: Remember how I wrote that I wish it would be Christmas every day? I just realized that this wish came true! Because for me, Christmas embodies and represents this feeling. Because Christmas makes my heart sing and now I know how to allow myself to do so many other things that make my heart sing. And so, I can experience the same feeling every day. How beautiful is that?

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