If you can dream it, you can achieve it

A few years ago, I planned a wedding in Tuscany. At the last minute we had to change the location to another amazing one, in Romania. It was one of the best moments of my career and I was so grateful for the opportunity, but until now I didn’t realize that it has broaden my horizons not only in business, but also in my personal life.

On the wedding day, I arrived at the couple’s home to help with some things and I was very impressed by it when I arrived. It was a beautiful apartment, very spacious, with a beautiful view over Herastrau Park, the most beautiful park in Bucharest. And I fell in love with it. I told myself in that moment that I would love to live in that area. And then I forgot. Whenever I passed by I used to think “How nice! My clients live here.”, but I didn’t even think that I could live there too (at least not now).

At the beginning of the year I started think that I would like to move. I love our apartment and I’m very grateful for it, but lately, since I worked a lot with myself, two things changed: I need to be in nature a lot and I felt that the energy of the neighborhood is not right for me anymore. So we talked about it and decided to move. Main criteria: the building must be new, modern, near the park, in the north side of the city.

We tried to find the right apartment in spring, but we weren’t as happy as we wanted with what we found and we decided to postpone the move. It didn’t hurt enough yet. ? After I started going to this park three times a week and I fell in love with a certain place in the park, we decided to move somewhere near. I never imagined we could find the right place on that exact street because I knew the prices there and they were clearly over budget. But we were trying to find something as close as possible to it, in the same neighborhood. Luckily for us, a few years ago I had the inspiration to dream that one day we’ll live on that street and now I also wanted to be as close as possible to my favorite spot, which is near a certain entrance of the park, on that exact street. So when I set the intention to find the right apartment, which will also be within our budget, the planets aligned and Life gave us what we didn’t even dare to dream: the perfect apartment, 10 meters away from that exact entrance in the park. It takes me 2 minutes from the moment I get out of the building to reach my favorite place in the city…

To say that I’m grateful is an understatement. What I have learned here though is one of the most valuable lessons regarding getting what you want in life: if you can dream it, you can achieve/receive it! To have the courage to dream, even if it seems to be impossible. The is no room for reason in the manifestation process! All you have to do is truly wish for something and have the faith that it will come to you, in the highest and best. That’s it!

On top of this, two days after we moved in, we found tenants for our apartment who were more than happy to pay us exactly how much we asked even though everyone (including the real estate agents) kept telling us that the price is too high and we won’t find tenants willing to pay it? But I knew for sure that this is the right amount and while they were explaining to my husband in the other room that we have to lower the price, I was finalizing the deal with the tenants for that exact price? The look on their face when they came to see we were discussing the contract terms to sign the papers was priceless. ☺️

We can get everything we want if we truly want it and if we trust not only that it is possible, but that we will actually get what we asked for, or something better (don’t forget, we wanted the neighborhood without actually having the courage at the moment to dream about having an apartment on that street).

P.S.: If you feel like the people around you can influence you, it’s best if you keep your plans to yourself. If you have even the slightest doubts, their attitude can affect your confidence that it will happen. My husband was almost convinced that it was impossible, but I knew it was possible and I didn’t let it influence me.

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