My Story

My name is Karin and I am a person who enjoys life to the fullest every moment! I am passionate about traveling, but mostly about my travel through life. I am #enjoyinglife every moment! I am the Joyful Traveler! 🙂

My story is one with ups and downs, with deep pits but also flying through the clouds. And what I’ve come to realize lately is that I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything that happened to me (or more correctly, everything that happened for me) was either a blessing or a blessing in disguise. All the hardships I’ve been through have brought me lessons and extraordinary growth, and I would not be who I am today without each of them.

One of the things I strongly believe in is that the universe works for us and the synchronicity it brings into our lives are the proofs. The Universe has brought me the people and opportunities that helped me enormously in my development and growth. From the moment I decided and really committed to learning everything I can about living consciously and being in control of my life, nothing has stood in my way. It’s like the Universe said: good, she really wants it, let’s give her everything that she needs.

I felt like creating this blog to write about the insights that I have on my journey, insights that have greatly impacted my life so far, and which I hope to be an inspiration for others so that they can learn easily, without suffering. I want to help as many people as possible to change their lives. On this journey, I managed to go from a victim who suffered so many “injustices” to the creator of my own life, 100% responsible for everything that happens in my life. This tremendous change happened in less than nine months. It has been nine very intense months, which helped me figure out what kind of life I want to live and more than that, it helped me find out my life’s mission. This blog has come to life so that I can share with you my vision of how I think we can make the world a better place together.

I would like to live in a world where each of us has the courage to say what we feel, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, without the fear of being judged or rejected. Because only when we really say what we feel, we know we did everything we could to get what we wanted. And if we did not get it, it was not meant to be, that thing or that person was not for us. Because we can never lose what is ours. What is ours will always will find a way to reach us. And if it is not ours, it means we have not lost anything, but that we won, because we now know that it was not for us and we will not waste any more time trying to get something that’s not meant for us.

The universe works based on resonance. Everything that resonates with us will always come to us. So we can not lose a person, an object, an opportunity. If we “miss them,” they will always come back to us in another form. The only difference is how easily we allow them into our life. When we are genuine, honest, open, vulnerable, we will receive everything that comes to us with much greater ease. When we hide our feelings and we want to look strong and untouchable on the outside, we reject what we really want and what could come to us so easy if we allowed ourselves to be genuine and honest.

The world I want to live in is a world where people have the courage to be like this and know that when they go for it and they lose or are rejected, it’s actually a big step forward. Either they realize that it was not for them, or they give the other person the chance to gather their courage and to be honest in return and so they get to have what they want faster. No matter what, it’s a win.

I thank the Universe for everything that I have lived because it has helped me get to this point in my life where I live like this, even if it’s not always easy. I’m glad to be an inspiration to those around me who now see that it is possible and that they can choose to live their life like this, step by step.

I feel that my life’s mission is to inspire those around me to be honest, open, vulnerable, aware that vulnerability is power, not weakness, and live their life the way they want to. And not any way, but by doing everything with joy and truly enjoying every moment, each little thing, being at the same time grateful for everything they live, because they know that life is happening for them, not against them!

Now I am learning how to get out of my shell more and more, and how to show myself to the world as I am. I am grateful for the loved ones in my life, with whom I am completely authentic, with the good and the bad, with qualities and flaws, who accept and love me exactly as I am. And who not only do not feel threatened by my evolution (very assumed and intense), but they support me and are inspired by me to evolve themselves as is best suited for each of them.

I am grateful to you, my readers, for joining me on this journey. I can only hope that everything that I share will be an inspiration for you.